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Paddy Power Casino Detailed Review on Free Bets & Offers

Paddy Power Casino Review

Let the green color of Paddy Power Casino wash you in good luck, along with their free bets and welcome offer. Channel that winning energy as you play but wait until after you're done reading this Paddy Power Casino Review. Sit back, grab a drink to sip on, and allow me to navigate you through an overview, pro's and con's, and other things you'd want to know like games, withdrawals, and deposits.

An Overview

Although 2004 is when Paddy Power Casino technically debuted as an operation, their roots reach back to the late 1980s. If you're in the betting industry for that long, you gain experience and trust in the community, and this game site has done exactly that. In fact, they've even won awards like Casino Operator of the Year a few years ago in 2015.

Operated by PPB GE Limited and licensed/regulated by Gambling Commission, Paddy Power casino has checked off the basic requirements for any online website where gambling is involved. Go ahead and take advantage of those free bets and welcome offer, all signs seem to be a go here!

Flutter Entertainment and Playtech provide entertaining games to UK based players. Those who live in the UK can enjoy those lovely free bets, welcome offer and local in-person games too. Our casino provides both local and online playing, which is unique for betting operations that have a heavy online presence. But this brand is very well-known in the UK, so their presence speaks to more than just free bets and a welcome offer advertised online. So far so good, let's continue!

Responsible Gaming at Padddy Power Casino

If you take a quick cruise around their website, you'll quickly see a nod at their Responsible Gaming promise. But what is that, exactly? It's more than just a mission statement to make you feel comfortable. This casino has gone too far depths to make sure their players are betting safely.

Power Paddy Casino offers their patrons tips for beginners and strategies to seek help if you think you might have an issue. They also provide information on what troublesome betting looks like, for yourself and for your friends. So if you're new to this sort of gaming, take the welcome offer and read those tips, you'll start earning in no time.


  • Instant Play and Download Options - With both options available to either play directly on your web browser or download the app and play, where you can play has no limits. Versatility in download options are key when you're just establishing trust with a new betting hang out. Once you know this is your place after taking advantage of the welcome offer and playing in the browser, maybe then you can download the software and continue to use those free bets.
  • Organized Interface - All the games are organized by game type at Paddy Power Casino. This tool makes navigating so much easier than any other place online I've played recently. Plus the green makes me feel lucky! You just log on to the website, click your game category, and start using your welcome offer free bets! You can also use the search bar if you have a favorite game that you know by name.
  • Good for All Levels - From novice to well-seasoned, players of all levels are welcomed at Paddy Power Casino. For the beginners, you can read about helpful hints and tricks to turn your free bet into actual earnings! And for my industry vets, you've got plenty of gaming to do after you take advantage of the welcome offer. If you think you might be taking it too far, though, head over to their Customer Support page. There they'll give you great resources on how to identify warning signs.


  • Cheeky Marketing - Paddy Power Casino is known to be a bit controversial. Their ads risk breaking accepted social norms. Scandalous bets have also been presented based upon real-life events. Their lack of sensitivity could turn them off to prospective players or lose loyal ones, no matter how many what the welcome offer may be.

Games at Paddy Power Casino

Alright, time for the meaty stuff and what we're all here for: the games! Like we talked about earlier, you can play at Paddy Power Casino in both instant play and download versions. You can also play on your phone, either iOS or Android will do! Most games that are available on the full desktop are available on your phone, which is always a plus.

Place your free bets in slots, but there are so many other games! Take part in blackjack, live dealer, craps, bingo, poker, roulette, video poker, and even tournaments at this betting mecca website. Them in-person casino experience really helps to elevate the virtual one. Bonus point there, Paddy Power Casino!

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

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Need some incentive to head over and play? No worries, we all need a bit of motivation don't we? Remember, you're loved! Okay, back to reviewing. Bonuses, right. New players at Paddy Power casino will enjoy a welcome offer of £10 in free bets that can be applied to slots. If you invite friends, they'll receive that welcome offer and you, my friend, will receive a £20 in free bets for referring them to over as a token of gratitude.

On a regular basis and consistently, users report receiving many free bets offers, aside from the welcome offer. Free bets are great to get, they keep me motivated to continue playing! They also boast a nice VIP program, their Loyalty Ladder. The higher you climb, the more you're rewarded! You can earn one loyalty point per £10. Those loyalty points can then be redeemed for your free bets.

Withdrawals and Deposits

As wide as the game variety is at Paddy Power Casino, their deposit and withdrawal methods are too. Cryptocurrency has yet to make its way to this betting site. However, deposits can be made instantly via debit/credit, bank transfer, Neteller, Paypal, Paysafe, Skrill, Cash Card, and Cash Card PPlus (we'll touch more on that in a second). Withdrawals, using the same methods, can take 2-5 business days but some Visa transactions can be done instantly, too.

There are two different items that Paddy Power Casino offers that stand out from other betting operations. First, the Cash Card we talked about earlier. Their Cash Card PPlus is free to utilize. You can enjoy quicker transactions, ATM uses, and even shop at their shop using the card. How's that for a welcome offer?

Secondly, the payout percentage is much higher comparatively speaking. At 97.3%, their percentage is hard to beat. So your welcome offer of a free bet can go pretty far at Paddy Power Casino.

How to Claim Your Free Bets

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So you meet all the credentials; you live in the UK and you want to start winning! I'll let you get to it and tell you how to use your welcome offer free bets. If you're on the Paddy Power Casino website, you'll first need to place a bet then you can head over to your betslip. Then find the "use available free bet" option, turn it on, and use your free bets! The mobile version is pretty similar but if you get lost, their website has a step-by-step breakdown. Just look for the help/FAQ page!

Likelihood of Trust

How likely am I to trust Paddy Power Casino? It turns out, a lot! I'd take their welcome offer, no questions asked. They utilize software and game providers that are very well-known in the betting industry. Plus, they've been in operation longer than some of their gamers have been alive! And if anything goes awry and you need to have a chat with someone, their customer service agents are available via direct message, tweet, or phone call.

I also found the fact of operating both online and locally in-person increased their credibility straight away for me personally. Any casino that operates in-person at a recognizable level, I'd be quick to play their virtual games and take advantage of the welcome offer free bets.

Overall Impression

Can I play right now?! Let my enthusiasm stand in for how I feel about Paddy Power Casino. They've really put something together here to give us a chance at virtual betting. From the plethora of games, to on-going support to newbies and veterans I would definitely recommend this place to a friend. Go get that welcome offer!

But don't forget to jot down how to use the welcome offer, but they're always there to help if you get stuck. Let the green wash over you and shower you with luck and abundance! But earning big at Power Paddy Casino has never been hard with all their free bets offered!