No Wager Free Spins: A Unique Category of Online Casino Bonuses

One key characteristic of the virtual gaming sector is its constant innovation. It is a quality that has brought about the advent of live mobile gaming, the use of cryptocurrencies to place bets, and might even usher in augmented and virtual reality in online gambling.

But the gameplay is far from being the only aspect of virtual gaming which has been influenced by the rapid innovation of the sector: promotions have also undergone a number of key changes all to the benefit of clients.

No wager free spins are one such example of this widespread change and we shall be examining what they are and their benefits.

Playthrough Requirements and Their Importance

In order to understand what no wager free spins are, we first need to take a look at playthrough requirements.

This term which is one of the most important conditions attached to a bonus refers to the number of times you will be required to bet the bonus amount before the online casino permits you to withdraw any winnings you have earned as a result of bets placed using it.

It is often represented as a multiplier: for example a betting establishment may set a bonus playthrough requirement at x35 while another may set the rollover value for one of its promotions at x50.

This factor is extremely important since it will influence the amount you will ultimately spend as a result of selecting a bonus, and even the games you play using it as well.

Free Spins With No Wager Requirements

These offers belong to an exclusive category of online casino rewards which do not have any playthrough requirements attached to them. As a result, opting for them will mean that you are free of the constraints of having to bet a particular amount before being allowed to withdraw your earnings which you have gained due to making use of the offer.

Several top-tier betting websites now provide them and it is possible to find those which are particularly impressive. For example, an online casino may offer 50 such extra slot rounds to clients providing them with the opportunity to play some of their favorite slots while also enjoying the lenient conditions it comes with.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Although these promotional offers do not have any playthrough requirements, they do have other terms and conditions attached to them. Examples include:

Expiry dates: For example, such an offer may remain valid for one week.

Playing patterns: This refers to the manner in which a player may attempt to take advantage of a bonus by either using more than one account or playing in such a way as to minimise risk or to guarantee a win. Should you be considered guilty of either, your account may be banned by the gaming operator.

Slot round values: Each bonus slot round comes with a prefixed value. For example, a betting establishment may set this value at 10 pence per slot round.


As far as UK online casino bonuses go those in this category represent an unprecedented level of flexibility. What's more, it's possible to find those which are rather impressive in size and are offered by reputable betting websites.

As always, it's important to note that these offers do come with terms and conditions, the absence of a rollover requirement notwithstanding. Hence paying close attention to them is highly recommended to ensure you are able to take full advantage of the reward.